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Products » Revolving Doors » TSA 325NT S Semi-Automatic Revolving Door

TSA 325NT S Semi-Automatic Revolving Door

General System Description

The automatic door with Push & Go function is suited for high access frequency without lack of comfort.
The automatic revolving door is activated by shortly pushing the revolving leaf. The automatic door system accelerates and then rotates in an adjustable automatic speed.



Structural dimensions:

Interior Dimension D mm (According to the site)
Exterior Dimension D + 80mm
Passage Height H mm (Max. 3000mm, higher by request)
Canopy Height min. 200 mm
Floor Recess (minimum) 70 mm (in case of using floor ring)



No. Of Leaves:

  • Three-leaf.
  • Four-leaf.

Door cross:

  • Rigid door leaves of screw less framing construction with extrude aluminium profiles to hold the flat toughened safety glass 10 mm, clear.


  • One door leaf of three-leaf revolving door can be tilted for ventilating purposes.Four-leaf.
  • Two door leaves of three-leaf revolving door can be tilted for Ventilating and escape 
  • Two or Three door leaves of four-leaf revolving door can be tilted for ventilating and        
    escape purposes.

 Side parts of screw less framing construction  of extruded aluminium

  profiles to hold:

  • Bent laminated VSG (laminated glass) 10 mm, clear
  • Bent, thermally insulated panel, 22 mm.
  • Smoothed, thermally insulated aluminium panel, 34 mm

Canopy construction:

  • Raised door crown with all-around crown cover made of bent aluminium sheet

Roof covering outside:

  • Waterproof, with 2 waterspout (flat roof without descent).
  • Dust-proof made plywood.
  • Optical sheet-metal cover

Roof covering inside:

  • Dust-proof made plywood.
  • Optical sheet-metal cover.


  • Segments made of aluminium, same finish like the whole system, incl. inspection opening.
  • Segments made of stainless-steel, grain 240, incl. inspection opening.
  • Incl. recess for customer provided air curtain

Surface of aluminium parts:

  • Anodized aluminium E6/EV1.
  • Colour anodized.
  • Steel-like anodic oxidation (polished appearance)
  • Stove-enamelled, RAL (Specified by the client)\
  • Steel covered, polished, grain 240
  • Covered with stainless-steel, polished,  #7


  • Side parts of bent VSG (laminated glass) 12 mm, clear.
  • Door leaf of flat ESG (toughened safety glass) 10 mm, clear.
  • Night-time sliding doors of bent VSG (laminated glass) 10 mm, clear 


  • Control board at the interior crown screen or external.
  • In the case of power cut-out, the door can be operated manually.


  • External control board (e.g. at the doorkeeper).
  • Drive as sub-floor drive, recess in the floor: 720 x 1430 x 280 mm, prepared for customer provided dewatering.


  • Manual bolt locking, prepared for profile half cylinder .
  • Electromechanical locking (bistable), crown at least 200 mm.

Floor ring (Optional):

  • Direct mounting of the self-supporting side part construction flush with the upper edge of the finished floor.
  • 360° special steel (V2A) floor ring of box profile 30x30x2 mm.Floor ring simultaneously serves as bordering of the floor covering. .

Floor covering (Optional):

  • Floor covering, provided by customer.
  • 18 mm coco mat in natural colours, only supply (laying by floorer).
  • 4 mm black rubber nap mat, only supply (laying by floorer)
  • Doormat Top Clean Trend, anthracite, 22 mm 


  • Polished, vertical pushrods of stainless steel, Ø 30 mm, directly mounting on glass.
  • Polished, horizontal pushrods of stainless steel, Ø 30 mm, directly mounting on glass.
  • Handles provided by customer.

Sliding doors with night-time locking, manual:

  • Fine-framed VSG (laminated glass) 10 mm, clear, with hook-bolt lock, profile cylinder.
  • Aluminium panels with hook-bolt lock, profile cylinder.
  • Outside running.
  • Inside running.


  • Automatic night locking sliding door, with battery pack for emergency opening in the case of 
    power cut-out .


  • Halogen spots (chromed), 20 watt, installed into the ceiling.
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