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Products » Automatic Swinging Doors » GEZE TSA 160/162 NT Automatic swinging door operator

GEZE TSA 160/162 NT Automatic swinging door operator

General System Description

TSA 160NT is electrically controlled, hydro-mechanical swing door system for single leaf wood, aluminum or steel doors of either single or double glazed construction. For double leaf door, TSA 162 slave unit is fitted in conjunction with TSA 160NT. Can be used in narrow spaces.

  • Motor: The motor is switched off as soon as the preset open position of the door is reached or upon lapse of the pre-set motor run time.
  • Main Switch: Itegrated program switch with three positions (Automatic - Permenant Open - Off)
Technical Data


  • Maximum Leaf Weight: 250 Kg.
  • Maximum Leaf width: 1400 mm
  • Door Opening Angle: max 115 degree.
  • Operator Outside Dimensions: 690 mm X 100mm X 120mm 
  • Closing Position Of Door: Closing Pressure By Spring Action.  
  • power Consumption : 200 VA
  • Opening Speed: via hydraulic valve.
  • Closing Speed: within range from 75 degree to 0 degree.
  • Adjustable Hold Open Time: 0 - 60 seconds 
  • Detection Range of Radar: from 0.50 m to 4.50 m.
Standard and Optional Accessories
  • SA 16 (90 cm) Safety Strip
  • SA 16 (30 cm) Safety Strip
  • Magic Switch
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