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Slimdrive SL-BO Sliding Door


General System Description

The Slimdrive SL - BO , 7 cm height sliding break-out door operator is approved for the use in escape routes. The moving and fixed leaves are designed to swing out in any position in case of emergency.

  • Control Panel: Microprocessor control panel with the latest technology to give the most flexible application according to the demand of the client.
  • Main Switch: Digital program switch with self learning mode and five different operating functions; automatic, OFF, Permanent open, Partial Open, Exit Only.
  • Safety Photocells:
    Sensors: Microwave detection radars to be installed outside and inside with adjustable range for detection and weather mode option.
Technical Data

Maximum Leaf Weight, Single-leaf : 100 Kg.

Maximum Leaf Weight, Double-leaf : 2 x 100 Kg.

Maximum Opening Speed, Double-leaf : 0.7 m/s.

Maximum Closing Speed : 0.5 m/s.

Leaf Height: up to approx. 3000 mm.

Opening Width: up to approx. 2500 mm.

Material of Door Leaf: Aluminum.

Detection Range of Radar: from 0.5 m to 4.5 m.


Standard and Optional Accessories
  • Electric Lock (special for break out function) 
  • Key Switch
  • Magic Switch
  • Battery back-up system for 2 hours
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