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Genysis - HL

General System Description

Great performance and easy to use, Rite-Hite Hydraulic Dock Levelers require minimal maintenance and have the lowest lifetime ownership costs.

Meets ANSI MH30.1-2000 test-load specifications.


Push-buttom operation:

Push-button activation provides easy, safe operation.

Hydraulic reliability:

Hydraulic positioning of both platform and lip ensures high reliability and low maintenance.

Platform construction:

8" beam spacing provides flexibility to accommodate a variety of material handling equipment – ideal for 3-wheel fork truck traffic.

Rear hinge support:

Four vertical supports provide added structural integrity.

Quick-clean subframe:

Subframe allows for quick, easy pit clean-out.

Maintenance strut:

Integral maintenance strut supports the platform and lip for easy service access.

Nominal dimensions:

Fabricated from minimum 3/16 inch (4.76 mm) steel plate with permanently lubricated ball bearings at rotating support points to support counterbalance shaft assembly and form end closures.


To raise the platform, push and hold the button on the control box. The platform will fully rise and the lip will then automatically extend.

Release the push button to lower the leveler platform and lip to the truck bed. Nominal operating range is 12" above and 12" below dock level (+/- 300 mm). The standard 16" (400 mm) lip extends 11" (280 mm) beyond the standard 4" (100 mm) bumper.

The platform is designed to compensate for canted truck beds up to 4" (100 mm) and remain flush with the rear of the pit to eliminate pinch points. The lip is yieldable.

Standard features:

All models are available in 30K, 35K, 40K and 50K* capacities.

Structural-steel working-range toe guards are integral to the leveler construction. Full-range toe guards provide protection throughout the operating range.

Permanent night locks are standard to help protect against unauthorized entry beneath locked overhead doors.

Entire dock leveler is protected with a gray enamel paint finish.

A non-adjustable hydraulic velocity fuse provides emergency free-fall protection throughout the entire operating range of the leveler.

An integral maintenance strut on every leveler supports the lip and deck during service.


The platform is raised by a 21/2" hydraulic cylinder. The lip is extended by a 11/2" ID cylinder. The hydraulic pump, manifold and oil reservoir are contained in an integral assembly. Both lip and platform cylinders are solid rod displacement type.

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