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Hydraulic - RHH

General System Description

Great performance and easy to use, Rite-Hite Hydraulic Dock Levelers require minimal maintenance and have the lowest lifetime ownership costs.

Meets ANSI MH30.1-2000 test-load specifications.


Capacity is to be determined by customer need and Dock Leveler Investment Guide. Standard capacities: C, D, F, and H.

-Automatic return to dock to prevent void in the floor.

-Quick clean subframe.

-Non-adjustable hydraulic fuse limits platform free fall to 3" (76 mm).-Weatherseal (brush or plytex) helps maintain environmental control.

- Full-range, telescoping toeguards close off sides when leveler is in highest position.

-Lip keepers provide cross-traffic support and act as automatic night locks to help prevent building break-in attempts through dock areas.

- Entire leveler is protected with a gray enamel paint finish.

- Dual-push-button control box provides infinite lip control allowing operator to extend lip or stop platform any time   during leveler travel.

- Two laminated bumpers provided.-12-month money-back satisfaction warranty..


Safety Features:

  • Exclusive 18'' (460 mm) lip, 5'' (125 mm) SAFE-T-LIP® barrier will stop a 10,000 lb. (4,535 kg) load moving at 4 mph (6.4 kph).
  • Unique slotted lip can be easily positioned out of the way for end loading.
  • Integral SAFE-T-STRUT™ Maintenance Support System extends through lip and    remains in place if leveler is impacted by a fork truck. System also provides lock-out, tag-out capability.


To raise the platform, push and hold the “Raise” button on the control box. After the lip clears the trailer floor, push and hold the “Lip Out” button while continuing to hold the “Raise” button to extend the lip. Release the push buttons to allow the leveler platform and lip to lower to the truck bed, above and below dock height, without manual chain pulling.

The platform is designed to compensate for canted truck beds up to 4" (102 mm) and remains flush with the rear of the pit to eliminate pinch points. Lip is yieldable.


The 3/4 HP motor is rated at 115/230V, 60 Hz, single phase. 208/230/460/575V, 60 Hz, three phase and 380/415V, 50 Hz, three phase are also available as options. All electrical components, connections and wiring are UL listed or recognized.

Please note: Unless specifically noted on quotation, all electrical including hook-up is the responsibility of others.

The platform is designed to compensate for canted truck beds up to 4" (102 mm) and remains flush with the rear of the pit to eliminate pinch points. Lip is yieldable


The platform is raised by a 21/2" (64 mm) ID hydraulic cylinder with a 11/2" (38 mm) solid guide rod mounted to the leveler frame. The lip is extended by a 11/2" (38 mm) ID cylinder. The hydraulic pump, manifold and oil reservoir are contained in an integral assembly. Hoses are routed under the leveler platform, away from debris. Has JIC flange or “O” ing fittings. Hydraulic fluid is biodegradable.

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