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General System Description

Rite-Hite loading dock shelters give full, unobstructed access to loads on trailers, but usually provide lower sealing efficiencies than a seal.* Shelters are able to handle a large variety of incoming trucks including those with tailgates or other extensions and are appropriate for facilities with larger door openings up to 10’x10’


Durable foam frame design:

Takes impacts from off-center trailers without the need for expensive steel bumpers.

Poly-wrapped side frames:

Give unit stability, yet can be fully compressed – immediately returning to original shape and position.

Slim-profile 6"-wide side frames:

11'2" overall footprint allows shelter to fit in tight clearance situations.

Pivoting canopy header:

Protects unit from damage if trailer comes in off-center and too high.

Integral rain gutter:

Diverts water off sides of shelter.

Detachable side curtains:

Easily removed for maintenance flexibility or to allow increased air flow on the dock. Reattach in minutes.

Durathon™ fabric:

Friction-resistant, highest-wear fabric provides ultimate

Firefighter™ protection:

Heat-dissipating technology in head curtain prevents burning from hot trailer marker lights. (Optional)



The Eliminator™ II soft-sided shelter can take repeated hits from off-center trailers, without suffering the expensive damage associated with rigid wood, fiberglass and steel shelters.

Yet, it still allows full, unobstructed access with flexible side curtains that create an effective perimeter seal. Plus, Eliminator II’s advanced side-frame and header technology allows better sealing efficiency, greater resistance to damage, and the adaptability to fit more sealing needs than ever before.

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