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General System Description

Constructed of advanced materials, the Survivor™ impactable rigid frame dock shelter withstands impact from off-center backing trailers, and survives harsh dock conditions


Impactable side frames:

Neotec™ HMWPE side frames with outer fabric layer provide flexibility to withstand trailer impact without permanent damage. No protective steel bumpers required.

V-Flow™ fabric header:

Diverts water off sides of shelter  Requires no additional overhead clearance for proper functioning

C-4-style head curtain:

Rests with pressure on top of trailer, creating full-height clearance inside trailer.

Quality side curtain design:

14" stay-spacing ensures consistent pressure against trailer sides for reliable sealing efficiency.

“Twistable” curtain stays:

Resist cracking or breaking to maintain positive seal pressure.

Collapsible XLPE foam draft pads:

Are damage and wear-resistant and provide efficient seal between shelter side frames and trailer sides.

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