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GWL-2300 (Global Wheel-Lok)

General System Description

The GWL-2300 Global Wheel-Lok™ vehicle restraint is designed to secure virtually any trailer type, with or without an ICC bar, to the dock, by engaging the driver’s side rearmost tire with an integral steel barrier.

Ability to resist pullout forces in excess of 32,000 lbs (14,500 kg) allows restraint of virtually any trailer with tires from 30" to 44" (700 mm - 1200 mm) in diameter.



As the truck approaches the loading dock, it positions between the dual wheel guides. It then contacts the restraint's trigger device which begins moving toward the dock using the energy of the trailer. This enables the locking arm to size the tire and rise to its full height on the rearmost tire. When the trailer is in position, the attendant pushes the lock button on the control panel inside the building, which activates the locking assembly. Inside and outside red and green communication lights signal that the trailer is engaged. To release the restraint, the dock attendant presses the unlock button. After the locking assembly is disengaged, communication lights change to indicate the truck is no longer engaged and is free to move forward. Engagement range is 43" to 158" (1090 mm - 4010 mm) on the rearmost tire from the face of the dock bumpers. Unit allows for manual release in the event of a power failure.


The GWL-2300 vehicle restraint is constructed of structural and formed steel. All structural components are metalized or painted for corrosion resistance. The drive system is a hydraulic cylinder powered by a 120-volt hydraulic power unit. The dual wheel guides are constructed of steel and painted safety yellow. Biodegradable hydraulic fluid.


The GWL-2300 vehicle restraint is surface mounted to the concrete driveway approach. The frame assembly and wheel guides are mounted using 32 selfexpanding concrete anchors.


All operator controls meet or exceed the National Electric Code (NEC). Electrical components and wiring are UL listed or recognized. Power requirements are 120 volt, single phase, 60 hertz.

Safety Features:

Communication System: Outside system includes full-time flashing red or green lights with signs to warn the truck driver when it is safe to back in or pull out. Inside, full-time flashing red or green lights with signs tell the dock attendant when it is safe to perform loading/unloading operations. The inside lights are in the opposing mode to the outside lights. System also includes an inside audible alarm which sounds if the unit is unable to achieve its full restraining height. An override allows for horn silencing.

Automatic Tire Sizing: The system automatically sizes the tire ranging from 30" - 44" (700 mm - 1200 mm) in diameter to help provide maximum restraint.

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