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TrakLine Fold High Performanced Door

General System Description

For exterior doorways and larger interior openings, get the TRAKLINE Fold Door from Rite-Hite Doors. Its rapid operating speed and automatic closing allow personnel and equipment to move through quickly for improved productivity. V-Flex™ Curtain

Release System allows the curtain to separate from flexible track upon impact to protect personnel, cargo and equipment. The durable curtain stabilizers provide excellent wind resistance. The substantial seal saves energy costs.


Innovative V-FlexTM Curtain Release System:

Allows curtain to separate on impact to help prevent damage and downtime.

Fast Opening & Closing Speed:

at 40" per second helps improve your operating efficiency.

Operates in High Winds:

With fold-up design and horizontal stabilizers.

Breakaway Options:

Two-way breakaway is standard with one-way breakaway optional for the full opening clearance.

Roller tube:

4'' diameter, 13 gauge steel tube mounted on two precision self-aligning flange bearings.

Drive System:

Shaft mounted direct drive gearbox with integral 1.0 HP 1650 rpm motor/brake, controlled by the i-COMM™ Digital Controller.

Electrical Requirements:

Three-Phase - 208V, 230V, 380V, 415V (50Hz), 460V, 575V.

Control Box:

The i-COMM Digital Controller, displays real-time door status with variable frequency drive. Controls are integral to the side frame and are fuse protected. Standard controls include open/reset button, curtain jog button and a mushroom emergency stop. Optional control box has a NEMA 4X rating and is required on all externally mounted doors.

Simple, low maintenance design:

With no heavy bottom bars, reversing edges or coil cords.

Lightweight bottom edge enclosed in fabric curtain. Door releases upon impact and automatically refeeds into the track. No junction box or coil cords are attached to bottom edge.


With curtain attached at the header and fabric loop seal bottom edge at the floor.

Provides environmental separation and weather protection.

Curtain :

Curtain made of 25 oz. PVC with acrylic top coat, coated polyester fabric. Standard curtain colors: blue and gray. Optional, non-removable oval vision panels to increase visibility at the opening. Horizontal stabilizers release from track upon impact.

Side Frames:

14" (projection) x 5" (wide), are formed 14 gauge steel with black polyurethane paint and black corrugated polyethylene covers. Flexible track is 5" wide and is constructed of heavy-duty black polyester fabric. For two -way breakaway, flexible track is 5" in opening on each side. For one-way breakaway, additional 5 3/8" of side clearance is required for track (10 3/8" total per side). Auto - refeed mechanism constructed of polyethylene material.

Safety Features:

Flexible track breakaway capability helps protect against impact damage. Fabric curtain design addresses entrapment concerns. Two internally mounted reversing photo eyes continuously monitor the door


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