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Nyota 115 Sliding Gate Operator

General System Description

FADINI – Nyota 115 Sliding Gate Operator is a compact, stylish and very handy motor reducer. Any sliding gate can be operated by it. Even of large size..

  • The operator box vertical mount only and in aluminum cover , is deigned to stand on a flate base plate fitted with anchore like long bolts for ground embedding and fixing . it has suitable holes for cable inlet.
  • The cover ensure enugh protection both to the moving parts and the electronics being fitted with a lock to prevent misuse by unauthorized people.
  • The central transmission shaft is of steel , machined to prefectly fit the worm and helical gear . it is supported by bearings and bushes that are made of glass fiber.
  • The helical gear designed for irreversible motion , is positioned between two toothed shoes , allowing the gear to be brought apart from driving element simply by uncrewing a screw knob wich is co axial to the shaft .
  • The mechanical limit directly connected to stop micro switches comes out of the cover in the shape of a flexible staniless steel od . this stops the gate when striking suitably designed plates fixed to the toothed bar wich are welded to the gate.
  • In case of power failure the electromechanical assembly is equipped with emergency release acting on central shaft, and by means of a spanner it is possible to unlock the operator and operate the gate manually.

Safety Accessories:

  • Pair of Photocell for Safety
  • Flashing Lamp to indicate the operation of the gate.


Technical Data

Electric Motor:

Power Output 0.73 KW (1 HP)
Supply Voltage 230 V.
Frequency 50 Hz
Absorbed Current 5.7A
Absorbed Power 1,130 W
Motor Rotation Speed 1380 r.p.m.


Gear ration 1/32
Traveling Speed 9.6m / Min
Working Temperature -200 C + 800 C
Maximum Gate Weight 800Kg.
Weight of Girri 130 20 kg
IP standard IP 557


Opening Time 25 Second
Closing Time 25 Second

Standard and Optional Accessories
  • Push Button from inside with three stations (open – stop - close).
  • Key Switch from outside.
  • Remote Control Unit.
  • Wireless Digital Key Pad
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