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Barri 88 Traffic Barrier

General System Description

FADINI – Barri 88 is an oil-hydraulic mechanism to raise and lower an arm/beam barrier for traffic control in private, public and industrial areas. It is produced using top quality to make it strong and fit to bear mechanical stress during open and close performance.

  • The body of Barri 88 is in the shape of a cabinet, is mounted and fixed to the base plate and provides adequate housing for the hydraulic mechanism, which controls the motions of the arm/beam and ensures a perfect performance.
  • The housing body is made of thick sheet steel, able to bear the mechanical stress and vibrations that are produced when the barrier is operated.
  • Up and down cycles are operated by using an oil-hydraulic piston with drive unit, motor, pump, maximum pressure valves and a connecting plate turning around a fulcrum. This plate is connected to the bar fitted with springs that counterbalance the piston thrust to achieve a smooth motion without vibrations and jerks.
  • The Electronic control panel box can be programmed to close the beam automatically after a while, in the case of power failure we have to use the manual release in order to use the beam manually.
  •   The barrier arm/beam is up to 4 meters and made of extruded anodized aluminum R 532. It has rounded corners with no sharp edges (articulated arm/beam is available also if needed).
  • There will be a fixed or folding pedestal to hold the arm/beam at its end when it is in closed position.

Safety Accessories:

  • Pair of Photocell for Safety
  • Flashing Lamp to indicate the operation of the gate.
  • Phosphorescent Stickers supplied with the arm to make it visible in the dark.


Technical Data

Electric Motor:

Power Output 0.24 KW (0.33 HP)
Supply Voltage 230 V.
Frequency 50 Hz
Absorbed Current 1.8 A
Absorbed Power 330 W
Motor Rotation Speed 1350 r.p.m.

Motor Pump:

Pump Flow Rate 2.75 L/min
Mini . Working Pressure 2 MPa (20 Bars)
Max. Pump Pressure 4 MPa (40 Bars)
Rated Torque 185.2 Nm
Weight of Barri 88 58kg
Color RAL 1018 - Yellow


Opening Time 5 Second
Closing Time 5 Second

Standard and Optional Accessories
  • Push Button from inside with three stations (open – stop - close).
  • Key Switch from outside.
  • Remote Control Unit.
  • Wireless Digital Key Pad
  • Magnetic Loop Detector.
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