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Counter Fire Doors

General System Description

Counter Doors are metal slatted rolling doors used to provide security against entry or weather protection at exterior and interior openings in industrial, commercial, institutional and other buildings.



Face of Wall: Maintains clearance of full opening, minimal exposed components.

Between Jambs: Mounts within the opening, fascia (front hood closure piece) required.


Interlocking roll formed flat-faced 1-1/2” high slats with endlocks riveted to ends of alternate slats to maintain curtain alignment and prevent wear.

Standard Material & Finish: .040” thick clear anodized aluminum or 22 gauge galvanized steel with exclusive GalvaNex™ finish in light gray or 22 gauge stainless steel with #4 finish


Interlocking sections are fitted with high strength endlocks on alternate slats each secured with two ¼ inch (6.35 mm) rivets. Endlocks built to maintain slat alignment and to withstand 20 PSF windload.

Bottom Bar:

Reinforcing member attached to the bottom of the curtain with a vinyl astragal seal to cushion the contact point on the counter. Single angle provided with slide bolt locking

(shown), single angle with bent trim piece provided with cylinder locks.

Standard Material & Finish: steel with SpectraShield® powder coating Cornell gray with galvanized steel curtain or #4 finish stainless steel with stainless steel curtains.


Side rail assemblies that bolt to the wall (maximum 18” bolt spacing as per UL procedure) and support the entire weight of the unit.

Standard Material & Finish: steel with SpectraShield® powder coating Cornell gray with galvanized steel curtains or #4 finish stainless steel with stainless steel curtains

Counterbalance Shaft Assembly:

3" minimum diameter outer shaft and 3/4" minimum inner shaft. This assembly supports the curtain and contains counter-balance torsion springs for assisting operation.

Standard Material: steel


Minimum 12 gauge steel plates that bolt to guide assembly and support the counter balance shaft and curtain.

Standard Material & Finish: steel, with SpectraShield® powder coating Cornell gray


Protective sheet metal enclosure for the curtain that provides fire resistance at the head of the unit and keeps the brackets rigid.

Standard Material and Finish: galvanized steel with exclusive GalvaNex™ finish in light gray or stainless steel with #4 finish


Push-up operation shown. Hand crank and motors are available. Doors operate by rotating the shaft gear end. The opposite end of shaft applies spring tension and is equipped with a spring adjusting wheel.

special Features  options

- UL 1 1/2 Hour Labeled Countertops - Plastic laminate countertops are available in a range of standard laminates in a single piece up to 10' wide, and in two pieces with center joint to 16’ wide. 14 gauge, #4 finish stainless steel countertops are custom designed to a maximum wall opening width of 11’2” for face of wall units, 11’10” for between jambs, for a maximum 12” wall thickness.

- Emergency Response Operating Systems - Cornell’s full line of M100 FireGard™ Closing Systems are available, including M100 Motor and M100 Chain and Crank systems.

- Release Devices - Electro-mechanical devices enable automatic closing fire doors to respond to alarm signals from detection devices such as smoke detectors, heat sensors and central alarm signals permitting doors to close long before high temperatures melt fusible links.

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