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Automatic Doors FAQ

FAQ » Garage Doors

Garage Doors

» What is the door height limitation?

Your door should be no more than 8 ft. high 243 cm.

» What is the door width limitation?
There door width limitation is 5.40 m

» How do I clean my pre-finished steel Wayne-Dalton garage door?
To clean the surface of your pre-finished steel garage door, simply follow these easy steps annually:
  • Remove dirt, chalk, and mildew by the use of a diluted solution of common bleach OR mild detergent at a concentration of one (1) cup in five (5) gallons of warm water. (Caution: Never Mix Cleansers and Bleach!)
  • Rinse with clear water after washing and allow to dry completely.
  • For added protection of a pre-painted steel door, apply wax suitable for automotive use.
  • You can wipe the inner surface clean like you would a range or refrigerator.

» What is the purpose of the counterbalance cables on the TorqueMaster™ system?
The cables wrap around the drum, pulling the door up. When let loose, they bring the door down with the help of gravity. The cables must also be completely behind the door and rollers.

» How important is insulation in a Wayne-Dalton garage door?

Insulation is important in a garage door for many reasons. In addition to helping control the temperature, Wayne-Dalton's patented design and foamed-in-place insulation add strength to your door while reducing noise.
The amount of insulation a garage door provides is represented in its R-value (10) , which represents its resistance to heat flow. It is important to select a garage door with an R-value that is consistent with your local climate and lifestyle.

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