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In a single piece of equipment, the Eclipse Dock Shelter provides a tight, consistent seal all the way up trailer sides, across the top, and at the corners. Working together, the Eclipse shelter and PitMaster leveler-sealing systems provide the industry’s only complete, four-sided seal at the loading dock. 


Seals trailer top: Heavily weighted head curtain

Creates a tight seal along full width of the trailer, using gravity to block gaps and maintain constant contact during trailer bounce. Self-adjusts to wide range of trailer heights. Diverts rain without the need for additional overhead device.

Seals the corners:Integral fabric sealing pockets

Side curtains and weighted head curtain work together when trailer backs in for complete corner black-out. Sealing pockets connect sides to top, blocking gaps that other shelters cannot address.

Seals the sides:GapMaster™ hooks

Side curtains feature durable, detachable hooks to seal exposed trailer door hinge gaps without restricting access to loads. These gaps add up to over 2 1/2 sq. ft. (.23 m2) of open air if left unsealed. Outer fabric sleeves conform around hinges for a tight side seal.

Seals the bottom:PitMaster sealing system

Gaps large and small beneath and around the dock leveler are sealed with optional PitMaster components, providing substantial energy savings, and improving cleanliness and sanitation.

High-strength Durathon™ FabricSide curtains

hold up under extreme wear and tear with the industry’s only friction-resistant fabric with rugged pebble-grain surface.

Impactable Header Super tough front impact plates

protect weighted sealing header from trailer strikes. Pivoting header frame resists damage from trailers coming in off-center and higher than expected.

Slim, Crushable Side Frames

Take repeated hits from off-center trailers without damage or the need for expensive steel bumpers. Poly-wrapped foam side frames give unit stability, yet can be fully compressed — immediately returning to original shape and position if impacted.

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