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FasTrax High Speed Doors

General System Description

Designed around a single operational platform, highly versatile FasTrax doors can match virtually any interior, exterior, high-wind, cooler or freezer high-cycle door application – reducing the complexity of maintaining multiple door models in one facility.


Versatile track designs:

Able to store the door curtain in multiple track configurations, FasTrax doors fit almost any application with fewer costly building modifications.

The industry’s safest door:

Multiple safety features including standard Soft-Edge™ Technology, thru-beam photo eyes and optional I-Zone™ make FasTrax an easy choice for safety.

Maximum uptime, minimum maintenance:

Fewer moving parts mean fewer, less costly repairs and reliable, trouble-free performance.

The industry’s highest operating speeds:

With operating speeds up to 100" per second, the fast cycle time maximizes productivity and energy savings.

Lift track configurations for any installation challenge:

Versatile track configurations let you easily match the FasTrax door to your existing opening, without investing extra time and money to remove or reroute obstructions.

Side Frames:

The FasTrax side frame’s small footprint – just 4.5 inches wide and projecting out from the wall just 4.7 inches – takes up minimal space, so it doesn’t impinge on the door opening and provides maximum clearance to help minimize impacts.


Exclusive radial lift

Unique to FasTrax, the radial track configuration positions the door header directly above the door opening.

Raceways on each side of the door prevent the fabric curtain from rolling up onto itself. This minimizes fabric wear and tear to keep your door looking cleaner longer.

High lift

A high lift routes the FasTrax door tight to the wall and close to the ceiling.

Standard lift

The FasTrax standard lift fits ceilings with obstructions, or can be used for low-ceiling applications.

Vertical lift

A vertical lift routes the FasTrax tight to the wall, when there is ample ceiling height.

Customized lift

FasTrax tracks can be easily customized to accommodate even the most unique door applications and installation challenges.

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