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MSW - Manual Sliding Wall System

General System Description

GEZE MSW is particular suitable for innovative all glass solutions in pretentious building projects. A flexible building block principle and the integration of panels with different functions offers architects and planners a wide scope of design for the realization of individual sliding walls.


Height, Width, & Weight:

 Max. clear passage height 3500 mm

 Max. panel width 1500 mm

 Max. panel weight:     - Up to100 kg with single carriage

                                     - Up to 150 kg with double carriage.

Parking Area:

The parking area for the divider elements can be arranged in parallel, at 900 to the sliding axis or as a special parking recess. All parking spaces can be designed with or without parking space screens, i.e. both double tracks as well as single tracks can be used.

Runnig Track:

The surfaces of the running track have a standard anodized aluminum finish in the color EV1. When using a double running track it is also possible to use different types of anodized finish as well as powder coating in RAL colors.

The geometry of the running tracks of the GEZE MSW manual sliding wall can be arranged straight, in a continuous curve or polygonal.

Carrier & Clamping Profile:

The glass panels of the GEZE MSW manual sliding wall system are held at the top and bottom over the whole width of the element by carrier and clamping profiles. Clip-on covers for the carrier and clamping profiles are available in two different versions:

  •  Following the contour of the carrier and clamping profile (standard)
  •  Rectangular in shape


Floor bolting

Single lever safety lock (as floor lock) for profile cylinder with square lock nut

Glass Options:

  • All-glass panels with continuous carrier and clamping profiles at top and bottom, ESG, toughened glass 10 mm or 12 mm thick
  • GEZE IGG integrated all-glass system with surrounding edge printing Standard construction provides 2 x 6 ESG, toughened glass with an inter-pane gap (SZR) of 27 mm

Panel Variations:

  • Horizontally fixed panels:

    As double-action door with floor spring GEZE TS 550 NV

    As swing door with floor bearing

    As single-action door with external pivot bearing

    As fixed panel

  • Horizontally moveable panels as sliding door
  • Sliding glass element as double-action door (SBT) (not for GEZE IGG)


❑ Aluminum anodized (standard)

❑ Powder coated according to RAL...

❑ Stainless steel design

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