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General System Description

CrossingGard® is the only code compliant Emergency Response Grille designed to help address both security and safety issues in public areas. CrossingGard provides the security of a locked, rolling grille but immediately responds in an emergency situation to fully open automatically and allow safe escape. 



Open curtain pattern design with a series of solid 5/16” diameter horizontal rods at 2” spacing and vertical chain sets spaced at 9”, 6” or 3” on center.

Standard material and finish: mill finish aluminum.

Optional materials: stainless steel rods and chains or galvanized steel rods.

Bottom Bar:

2” x 3 ½” heavy duty extruded aluminum tubular section.

Standard material & finish: mill finish aluminum

Optional material: stainless steel angles.


Extruded aluminum sections equipped with polypropylene pile runners, snap on trim and mounting member. Support the entire weight of the unit.

Standard material and finish: mill finish aluminum

Optional finishes: clear and color anodized aluminum.

Counterbalance Shaft:

4-1/2” minimum diameter outer shaft and 1-1/4” minimum inner shaft. This assembly supports the curtain counter balance torsion springs for fail-safe automatic opening of grille.

Standard material: steel


Minimum ¼” steel plates bolt to guide supporting member and support counter balance shaft and curtain.

Standard material & finish: steel with spectrashileld powder coating cornell gray.

AutoLock Mechanism:

Concealed self lock assemblies prevent forced opening of a closed grille. Lock mechanism will not interfere with normal electric, fail-safe or emergency response self opening feature.

Self-Supporting Installation Options:

Many grille installations utilize structural tubes for support, which allows for installation prior to the walls and ceiling being built. The tubes are factory prepared for the attachment of all grille components. Tubes are attached to the floor slab below and the joists above, thereby become self supporting. 

  • Fail-safe emergency response capability. When an alarm is sounded, power is lost or if an emergency exit push-button station is activated, the CrossingGard immediately clears the path by returning the grille to its full open position without requiring an electric or battery power source.
  • No manual locking or unlocking required. AutoLock automatically secures a closed grille by engaging upon attempt of forced opening. AutoLock remains disengaged during normal and emergency operation.
  • No resetting is necessary to resume normal operation. Following an emergency situation, the CrossingGard can be repositioned to the closed position by activating “close” at the motor control station.
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